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Psychotherapie in Linz

Dialog mit der Seele


The aim of psychotherapy is to reduce or eliminate existing symptoms and states of suffering and to promote maturation, development and health.

Stress, self-doubt, fear of the future - psychological stress and difficult phases in life are often quickly overcome.

But sometimes emotional problems cannot be solved so easily.

This can include, for example, interpersonal problems, anxiety disorders,

Compulsions, depression, psychosomatic illnesses or eating disorders.

There may also be a problem that you haven't defined yet, but you feel that your quality of life has deteriorated a lot and you want to change that.

If the support of people you trust is not enough, if medication has been the only way out up to now, or if the suffering has become so severe that something has to be done, then psychotherapy can help.

My goal in therapy is to accompany the people who come to me for a piece of their lives and to help them to see the problems from a different point of view.

I want to give you choices and activate the skills you have .

"Happiness does not live in one's possession and not in gold, the feeling of happiness is at home in the soul."

Quote: Democritus