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Psychotherapie in Linz

Dialog mit der Seele

Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy (KIP)

Katathym-imaginative psychotherapy is a recognized depth psychologically sound procedure. In this scientifically proven treatment method, ideas and inner images are used to achieve the therapeutic goal.

KIP is helpful both in dealing with current problems and topics and in coming to terms with events from life history. Both happen

on the one hand on the level of imaginations that clarify the inner situation, on the other hand on the psychotherapeutic level of conversation.

Under therapeutic guidance, the client lets images of various motifs (eg flower, meadow, stream, house) arise in front of the inner eye.

Over time, scenes emerge and memories and feelings can emerge.

In these imaginations, unconscious conflicts, existing problems, wishes and fantasies are symbolically depicted. This results in new ways of perceiving, feeling and acting.

The journey of discovery into the inner world of images helps to understand previously unknown relationships, to grow out of learned limitations and to develop inner potential. These inner pictures are drawn until the next session and then discussed. It doesn't matter whether you can draw or not.                                               

Due to the high healing power of the inner pictures, the KB (Katathyme picture life) is a short-term therapy. Current brain research explains and confirms the high effectiveness of imaginations: "The effectiveness of imagination, as it is possible with the KB, has recently been confirmed by results of brain research. Here it was found that ideas and actions hardly change their physiological effects on the brain differ from the corresponding actually executed actions (Hüther 2004). That means that in the KB the solvability of inner conflicts can be experienced and thus also external changes are facilitated secondarily. " Günther Horn, 2006 in: Katathym-imaginative therapy with children and adolescents, Reinhardt-Verlag.

"The imagination is the sun in the soul of the

People "